Copper Elegance 1

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This beautiful copper pendant can be removed and placed on any other chain for a whole night look. The necklace shown on the neck display is what this order includes. It is easily adjustable and the ball ends twist off to allow the owner to remove the pendant. 

These photos don’t capture the reflective glow the copper in the middle gives off when the light hits it just right.

The copper used in this piece is mined from the historic Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan also known as “Lake Copper”. This crystal not only has pure copper in it, but also many other crystals surrounding it. Some of those other crystals include: Ankerite; Calcite, Chlorastrolite (aka Greenstone), Chrysocolla, Native Copper, the rare Datolite, Epidote,  Laumanite, Prehnite, Quartz, native Silver wires, Tenorite and Wollastonite. Wrapping this piece in copper magnifies it’s powers while giving a stunning finish. 

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