Clear Quartz + Blue Kyanite Wire Wrapped Necklace SILVER

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>>MADE TO ORDER: Please allow up to 3 weeks for completion << This piece is made by wrapping Clear Quartz and Blue Kyanite together with silver wire. The crystals used are GENUINE crystals and their shapes will vary in size for each necklace because of that. It is sealed with an anti-tarnish sealant, so you don't have to worry about your jewelry fading! To keep this piece looking good as new, store this necklace in safe place where it is not prone to bending. It's best to lay the necklace flat. Like all of my creations, it was made with love and with the hopes of bringing joy to it's next owner, you!

More on the healing traits of the crystals: Clear Quartz is known to be a stone with which you can program your own intentions. It also helps with mental clarity and physical and spiritual healing. Blue Kyanite is known to open the throat chakra, allowing one to communicate and self-express freely. Like Clear Quartz, this stone protects one from negative energies. You can learn much more about these crystals online!

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